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Is YouTube an OER repository?

On the negative side:

1.    YouTube videos may contain copyright infringements.

2.    No guarantee of quality.

On the positive side:

1.     There are multitudes of film clips with good educational content.

2.     It’s free.

3.     Clips are technologically reusable – kind of. You have to know how to do it.

4.     YouTube.edu may begin to encourage better quality.

There is overwhelming evidence that many people, especially young (pre-university?) people, use YouTube as their first-port-of-call search engine. I was recently speaking about YouTube with a group of undergraduate medical students, and they admitted YouTube is the first place they go for film clips of any kind of clinical practice.

Not only does YouTube contain OERs, it can be used to advocate OERs. To illustrate, I give you OER FAQs by Beyond Distance’s Dr Sahm Nikoi.

What do you think about YouTube as an OER repository?

Terese Bird, Learning Technologist, Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester


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